WebGate iRIS
Automated meter reading for residential electric meters

muNet's WebGate iRIS (Internet Residential Information System) allows you to connect any residential electric meter to any IP-based broadband network, including:
  • Ethernet / Fiber-To-The-Home
  • Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC)
  • Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) DS2
  • Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) HomePlug
  • WiFi (802.11b/g)
and with the new TotalPoint wireless mesh system you can extend the reach of your IP Backbone to all meters.

The system provides advanced automated meter reading (AMR) and delivers secure, full-time two-way communications and continuous access to meter data. You can begin accessing information from the meter as soon as the WebGate unit is installed and the Internet connection is established.

WebGate iRIS uses standard-based open architecture communication protocols, including HTML and XML. Meter data is easily accessible using a standard Internet browser, or via the WebBot™ Central Control Software. Meters can be queried individually or in batches for batch polling, control and reprogramming.

The WebGate IP Interface can be customized to meet your requirements including system access and the graphical presentation of consumption data. The data acquired through the WebBot software seamlessly integrates into your back office systems.

Expand your WebGate iRIS device with muNet's optional modules.

Using open standard home networking technologies (via Cat5, wireless or power line carrier communications), the WebGate IP Interface is able to recognize and deliver valuable information on a wide variety of devices, including:
  • Whole house disconnect and load restrictor
  • Remote load shedding via thermostat control or hot water heater disconnect
  • Remote appliance diagnostics and alarm monitoring
  • Volatage Sensing
Companies providing energy/home systems and services gain the permanent, cost-efficient, and dependable connection they require to remotely access, control and monitor devices, meters, and appliances located within their customers' sites.

For detailed system specifications, download from Spec Sheet Download Page.

Or, to learn more about WebGate and how it can become your AMI solution, contact Sean Doyle at muNet 781-861-8644 ext. 247 or by email SeanD@munet.com