CDE Lightband Renews Committment to WebGate Smart Meter / AMI Products (January 2014)
muNet and Fujitsu Collaborate on WiFi-enabled Smart Grid Solutions (December 2010)
CDE Lightband accelerates their WebGate AMI Technology deployment (October 2010)
   Designed around Open standards such as IP and ZigBee, muNet AMI solutions enable core utility applications maximizing the use of shared communication infrastructure assets. WebGate products are future-proof, versatile and full-featured.  Whether broadband to every home is an immediate goal or not, muNet has a cost effective solution for you.

 WebGate Classic Systems - For situations where broadband to the home is key, these true-IP electric meters directly connect to any network, including Fiber-to-the-Home, WiFi, Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) and HFC cable networks.

 WebGate TotalPoint Systems - Utilities can leverage their existing IP communication backbone for AMI using the TotalPoint 802.15.4/ZigBee compliant wireless mesh network.

All WebGate metering points support remote disconnect, voltage sensing, connection to water/gas meters, a full range of metering features, and connection to home area networks for Demand Side Management and utility applications.
TotalPoint Mesh Network